by Cody Miles

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Apocrypha is greek for "What is hidden". This album is a revealing of what is hidden.

Showcasing both the lyrical performance of Cody Miles and the production skills of Munich, Germany resident Mista Min, Apocrypha is an exposition that synthesizes life and rhyme in a beautiful, introspective and authentic manner.

Mixed and Mastered by Skeletone Music engineer Skeli, this project flows seamlessly as an introduction of these powerful musicians.


released April 5, 2012

Executive Producer: Cody Miles
Producer: Mista Min
Mixed and Mastered by: Skeli.



all rights reserved


Cody Miles Georgetown, Texas

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Track Name: Hide My Shame
Oh yeah, that was them,
Thinking what the Mic stood for was an acronym
While it was “made in china”,
I’ve laid a finer line than cocaine,
Not a pain to mind, your,
Insane like a spayed up minor,
More like a brides maid, not made of honor,
Spade of 9 or jack of all,
Trades get cheap when you’re a vagabond,
Master of ceremony,
Half of yall rap like its last call for alcohol,
(wha? Wha? ) sip it slow,
So your stereo’s not typical,
…Like a Preteen on New Year’s Eve,
Count down ‘fore the balls drop,
You holler lot with your collar popped,
But what’s it for?
(baller’s flop!)
…And the steez will end, believe it or not,
When the bills come in or they call the cops,
Caught in the mold? Rock n’ roll?
Rockefeller, can you rock a soul?
Lock and load, targets off,
… Skin deep cuts like a barber shop,
All for not in a ring of smoke,
And the meaner folk cope being a dope,
Oh, even though so many know those
Have no hope in the inner streets,
We fight for truth to take our youth,
That’s what I call a ministry,
In the end these beats preach,
don’t abuse your free speech.
What we are is what we believe
And they get caught saying…

I can tell you where that
Creep close, I
…I’m lying if I’m fine, Find me

Oh yeah, that was just,
A robust utterance of the rest of us,
So, fuss, better yet, if you muster up,
Enough courage you can bet they will cluster up, and trust their gut, not their God,
Move in a mob with a brain turned off,
But who would have thought that an angered God would
Be a scene where the strangers mock, and,
Not speak ill, must be ill,
To pray on a hill where they want you killed,
… In the same way, I die every day,
If a hater hates, I will not speak ill,
… Fresh to death…
Redefine terms with a beat and a binder,
Either by word we speak or the live Word,
Hands go skyward; make your mind learn,
Only one man got fresh to death,
… Catch your breath…
I don’t DJ but I start from Scratch,
And I am only 22 if you call it a catch,
And I am a bad penny in a handful of many,
With a half cent, depending, so heads up!
Uh, yeah, who’s next up?
I’m been in the back like extra,
Like Ezra, I’ve have to build-
What these cats want to pass with a mass appeal,
And sew these styles, oldies child,
I’m not the man, I’m Cody Miles,
… Note that I’ll never hide my name in an alias,
My radius will 86 anything that makes the saline drip
Track Name: Apocrypha
Sorry that I'm not the man that you want me to be,
I'm not ok with the words you say, but I'll live in Harmony, so do you see that my crime is love for your life? But I'll suffer for what is right. If truth is blind they can lock me up. I'll become the Apocrypha.

These dudes sing works like they're hitting pitch (Law, Law, Law) Get it? Jabs like mood swings hurt, try, hit and miss, shoe string worth, why fight? I'm venomous. You getting this? Church like glass house. So when you people throw stones or bad mouth like "Me be out did?" Watch for the echoes... "He without sin..." But, one day I'll tell my son to love like Wesley and Buttercup, but until then I got a feeling that we'll end up killing anyone of worth that refuses to steal trends. You want to live like Luther or Calvin? Think for yourself. Now then. The ballad is valid, I bow in and challenge the thousands of cowards and allow them to mock me.

Mista Min: Relationships, defacing this, escaping hits, relating ticks that suck my blood, vampire slugs, empire lungs inhale my love, for sale is none, but they purchase, funds are scum, no good dirty rotten, so hood, flirting, jockin' pornografie, grafitie on my soul, addicted so many years ago, it's sickenin' how you've known. American idol, American mind yo. Tools of the trade, but it's all ok. Losing myself so slowly, todays the day, drowning, nobody knows me... My mom and dad dis-own me, cause I'm not holy (but Jesus is my Homie?) Don't wanna be lonely, but you don't know me, but you don't know me. Forget that i even mentioned this homie, but i mentioned this homie, but oppressing me slowly is making me only...
Track Name: Gomer's Song
She said, "it's 2am". I said, "it's right now". Slight smile and heightened eye-brow, she replied, "I'm a night owl. I'm alive while you lie down." Lights out... yeah. Blind as my mind found Einsteins relativity. I'm proud as that wives tale: love at first sight. I'm her clientele. But I'm her first knight. Shine as the vinyl lines rhyme Lionel in the background. I can tell by biting nails that she acts out. Never mind, I announce what's inside my clasped mouth... "My God, I can save you." Cleanse you and make you my queen. Give you everything. If you only leave. And my name is Adam... You're my new years eve.

She asked, "is it me, Lord?"
You're dirty. But I will clean your heart so you and me can be more.
She asked, "is it me, Lord?"
you've left me. Ignored. But I will bring you back. Restored.

She steals the sheets when she sleeps but my feet shiver less when men are less chivalrous. She creeps in a sundress under the crescent moon guillotine. Her presence soon fills the streets and I feel it's sting. Sunrise: she feels it's me but can't decide in her mind if her will's complete. Are you ill of needs? I will bring you anything your heart perceives. Just believe it's only me that can set you free... Sirens in distance. Is someone hurt or just caught in your fishnets? I'd go berserk and just bind you in wristlits but my kindness is meant for your repentance. My life sacrificed as a gift it's all I have to give; I'll admit it's as senseless as loving so much and in return all I get is your wishlist... I'll see you next Christmas.
Track Name: Pantheon
You stinking old man, you think you know man? Your blinking show them, that you don't know than...

On the path we on to the pantheon, strapped up for that ambiance

You stinking old man, you think you know man? Your blinking show them, that you don't know than...

On the path we on to the pantheon, who are you to talk back to God?

Yea, what you know "B"? You don't know these, simple facts dog. Teach em' all y'all, let'em all call, bring'em all those democratic converters, demographic observers. Telling we who we be; negro, Latino and Chinese. People in assembly please, we just I, I be I, please let me clarify, amplify, redefine the divine, simplify...? Ain't no way you can do that "B" in your stupidity. Futility, futile man, you don't understand these feudal clans, waging war in foreign lands. Oil and sand, evolution, gay is the next man... restitution to African's. Institutions don't understand we rape all the lands and take all we can; don't play this to the Klu Klux Klan, as they cluck like ducks and say the spears we chuck... as we where Chinese-chucks!!!

Excuse me if I seem insincere,
I promise every word was written to be here,
So we see clear, we fear God above reefer,
Speak a proverb over those who loath the Easter,
How can you deny the sovereign God in Babylon?
The capstone rejected still will crush those that babble on,
The cattle throng follows wrong logic , add along
The fact that the product is a sad attack at the throne,
Watch it, dawg,
Your hands tamper with the plans that are gifts
And turn straight paths to labyrinths
You said your name
But qualified it with adjectives,
God said his-- And called the quiet to answer it
Track Name: Prosperity
… I’m often confused,
By the prospects of profit found in the pockets of dudes,
By pick-pocket preacher-man, copping the pews,
Say, “I’m a prophet, if I’m not fit; God would stop the abuse,
… But since I’m positive, you can posit your dues,
And let the blessings rain down from the facet of Truth,”
That’s what they do; run around with a posse of crews,
Saying, “God blessed me, bless me, he can bless you,”
I mean, I’ve never seen Benny Hinn at a Bennigans,
Or in any inn but a embassy and even then,
If it’s not the top floor, then what’s he fought for?
God’s children aren’t poor or got to mop floors.
Less they’re heart stored with sin like a locked door,
And in the top ten sins, that’s in the top four,
You know in Christ the answer is always, “yes,”
Don’t be confused, wealth doesn’t mean you’re blessed.

David Boone:
Name it and Claim it! Famous money making mavericks, Blab it and grab it, got to have it. Unholy Habit. It's all about that cash, you see? If you asking me, Blasphemy! When did God swear to me material prosperity? Already more attached to money than I care to be. For some it ends terribly. The master's words remember? In fact, it's hard for the rich to enter. It's easier to squeeze a camel through the eye of a needle, but they want they gold rings so they trying like Smeagle. Where your treasure is, that's where your heart be. Is that heavenly things, my friends? Hardly. Foxes have holes and birds make they nest, but the Son of Man had no place to rest, or lay his head. Maybe it's the way it's read. Some cats get it twisted, but they won't get this kid!
Track Name: The Anthem
(This college thing, man, I got a...)
Fat stack of paper and I can't slack, I pay for every class, fact my grades were like the Nasdaq (that's wack!) snap back a neighbor from the ASVAB and later, here's a snack pack and wafer... Now, hashtag my name sir. Face stern and work late, I put in faith first. It takes work, but it shapes and I relay words. My turn rates not great but I stay sure my labor's an A for grace heard on a grade curve. I bubble letters like Scantron. I funnel matters like Anselm. I used to dance with my pants off. But, now I'm on, too logical (ontological) and handsome. No matter, men see, the catalytic instinct. I'm out at bent knee to drown the addicts in me. But if we then bleed- number one contender. I'm transidentity, not cross gendered.

Throw your hands up. Go throw a trantrum.
Throw your hands up. This is your anthem.

Throw your hands to the sky if you want to see change. Throw them down to the ground if you're running the game. Send em out, no doubt. We're one and the same. Cause it starts right here. It starts right?

Yeah, back for more. The rap raconteur. The anti-war matador. Put your hand down if you're man enough to man the storm, have the love to demand reform, thesis in my hand- let's hammer up this can of worms. The lantern burns all sides but can a man affirm what shines so bright in light of the stanza's words. I find the fight inside, not the manicured hands of the tanned and merred fanfare and now if you're down, I'll do my part. Till Death and Dying 402 do us part, I"m doing my part. And I don't know where Dre got his, but my degree plan requires reason, so please stand up if what you believe in is taken by thieves impeding. East of Eden. Tin man made a straw man out of me. Wizard of Oz. Keep your sanity, family.
Track Name: Simple Man
Cody Miles:

I'm a starving artist. Not the Wise or smartest. Sometimes I eat my words- these bars are hard. It's just a part of me. Partly beat, war-torn. But this heart is free, I probably breathe in 4/4. We came in warriors- left as pacifists. Threw our guns to the sky. Half of its cause we're shooting stars, you can see the beauty, mars, and the scars they left- but the booty's ours. I rather be known for what I'm for than against, the latter ignores and adds force and offense. What manner accords with restored atavists? To look more like Jesus, not fans at a distance. My life is an incense. Every instance to be an instrument and let God play my heart strings, light up in this dark scene. I'm in your speakers now, but the place I'm at is far seen.


I keep it simply stated. I earn the rent and paid it. I turn it loose into the world but keep it insulated. I tell my kids what faith is…bated breath wishful patience. Watching for levy breaking steady hope to demonstrate it. I walk finest line of time an space, of life and rhyming. Dark and shining truth into the face of every new horizon. I tell em you can like it, you can leave it, you can speak it. In this house we face the world together true believers. I feel the future breathing lungs collapse and fill again. A lot of spaces sitting vacant until we fill em in. We love em all but recognize no man is innocent. We sentence them to death with every witness never given them. My mama taught me better honest til I’m finished with it. Spit it simple give it all cause heaven calling in a minute. I wanna be a man my sons can be proud of and try to teach em that it simply ain’t about us….

Cody Miles:

Sometimes all we can do is turn the other cheek, but when it gets slapped, can we offer them two? I'm often in pews, but lost to it's use when I'm asked for a mile, I give a track and a smile and an awesome excuse... Obstinante Truth. Love is lost is our views. I've paid the cost for those dues, but I'm from Austin my dude. I've kept it weird my whole life and kept the opposite abused. But, I refuse to be free if there's a hostage in blues. And, Christ is God I'm just a con-ish recluse. My life is yours, I'll take your chains, man, there's bondage to loose. An honest pursuit. An homage of truth. I'm honored if you will take my hand, we'll leave this land of carnage and cruise to a New Jerusalem where truth is one and heavenly. And together, we'll throw down the law like Christ in AD70. And we will never need a marquee with our lettering. A simple man just needs love, just got to let it free...