from by Cody Miles

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Sorry that I'm not the man that you want me to be,
I'm not ok with the words you say, but I'll live in Harmony, so do you see that my crime is love for your life? But I'll suffer for what is right. If truth is blind they can lock me up. I'll become the Apocrypha.

These dudes sing works like they're hitting pitch (Law, Law, Law) Get it? Jabs like mood swings hurt, try, hit and miss, shoe string worth, why fight? I'm venomous. You getting this? Church like glass house. So when you people throw stones or bad mouth like "Me be out did?" Watch for the echoes... "He without sin..." But, one day I'll tell my son to love like Wesley and Buttercup, but until then I got a feeling that we'll end up killing anyone of worth that refuses to steal trends. You want to live like Luther or Calvin? Think for yourself. Now then. The ballad is valid, I bow in and challenge the thousands of cowards and allow them to mock me.

Mista Min: Relationships, defacing this, escaping hits, relating ticks that suck my blood, vampire slugs, empire lungs inhale my love, for sale is none, but they purchase, funds are scum, no good dirty rotten, so hood, flirting, jockin' pornografie, grafitie on my soul, addicted so many years ago, it's sickenin' how you've known. American idol, American mind yo. Tools of the trade, but it's all ok. Losing myself so slowly, todays the day, drowning, nobody knows me... My mom and dad dis-own me, cause I'm not holy (but Jesus is my Homie?) Don't wanna be lonely, but you don't know me, but you don't know me. Forget that i even mentioned this homie, but i mentioned this homie, but oppressing me slowly is making me only...


from Apocrypha, track released April 21, 2012
Produced by Mista Min
Lyrics by Cody Miles
Mixed and Mastered by Skeli



all rights reserved


Cody Miles Georgetown, Texas

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