Hide My Shame

from by Cody Miles

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Oh yeah, that was them,
Thinking what the Mic stood for was an acronym
While it was “made in china”,
I’ve laid a finer line than cocaine,
Not a pain to mind, your,
Insane like a spayed up minor,
More like a brides maid, not made of honor,
Spade of 9 or jack of all,
Trades get cheap when you’re a vagabond,
Master of ceremony,
Half of yall rap like its last call for alcohol,
(wha? Wha? ) sip it slow,
So your stereo’s not typical,
…Like a Preteen on New Year’s Eve,
Count down ‘fore the balls drop,
You holler lot with your collar popped,
But what’s it for?
(baller’s flop!)
…And the steez will end, believe it or not,
When the bills come in or they call the cops,
Caught in the mold? Rock n’ roll?
Rockefeller, can you rock a soul?
Lock and load, targets off,
… Skin deep cuts like a barber shop,
All for not in a ring of smoke,
And the meaner folk cope being a dope,
Oh, even though so many know those
Have no hope in the inner streets,
We fight for truth to take our youth,
That’s what I call a ministry,
In the end these beats preach,
don’t abuse your free speech.
What we are is what we believe
And they get caught saying…

I can tell you where that
Creep close, I
…I’m lying if I’m fine, Find me

Oh yeah, that was just,
A robust utterance of the rest of us,
So, fuss, better yet, if you muster up,
Enough courage you can bet they will cluster up, and trust their gut, not their God,
Move in a mob with a brain turned off,
But who would have thought that an angered God would
Be a scene where the strangers mock, and,
Not speak ill, must be ill,
To pray on a hill where they want you killed,
… In the same way, I die every day,
If a hater hates, I will not speak ill,
… Fresh to death…
Redefine terms with a beat and a binder,
Either by word we speak or the live Word,
Hands go skyward; make your mind learn,
Only one man got fresh to death,
… Catch your breath…
I don’t DJ but I start from Scratch,
And I am only 22 if you call it a catch,
And I am a bad penny in a handful of many,
With a half cent, depending, so heads up!
Uh, yeah, who’s next up?
I’m been in the back like extra,
Like Ezra, I’ve have to build-
What these cats want to pass with a mass appeal,
And sew these styles, oldies child,
I’m not the man, I’m Cody Miles,
… Note that I’ll never hide my name in an alias,
My radius will 86 anything that makes the saline drip


from Apocrypha, track released April 5, 2012
Lyrics: Cody Miles
Beat: Mista Min
Additional Instruments: Skeli
Mixing and Mastering: Skeli



all rights reserved


Cody Miles Georgetown, Texas

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