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Protect the Masses, Direct Effect the Atlas, Erect Defect and ask is the Wrecked elect a rite of passage?
I left Damascus to recollect the ashes, and do summthin bout it.


… I’m often confused,
By the prospects of profit found in the pockets of dudes,
By pick-pocket preacher-man, copping the pews,
Say, “I’m a prophet, if I’m not fit; God would stop the abuse,
… But since I’m positive, you can posit your dues,
And let the blessings rain down from the facet of Truth,”
That’s what they do; run around with a posse of crews,
Saying, “God blessed me, bless me, he can bless you,”
I mean, I’ve never seen Benny Hinn at a Bennigans,
Or in any inn but a embassy and even then,
If it’s not the top floor, then what’s he fought for?
God’s children aren’t poor or got to mop floors.
Less they’re heart stored with sin like a locked door,
And in the top ten sins, that’s in the top four,
You know in Christ the answer is always, “yes,”
Don’t be confused, wealth doesn’t mean you’re blessed.

David Boone:
Name it and Claim it! Famous money making mavericks, Blab it and grab it, got to have it. Unholy Habit. It's all about that cash, you see? If you asking me, Blasphemy! When did God swear to me material prosperity? Already more attached to money than I care to be. For some it ends terribly. The master's words remember? In fact, it's hard for the rich to enter. It's easier to squeeze a camel through the eye of a needle, but they want they gold rings so they trying like Smeagle. Where your treasure is, that's where your heart be. Is that heavenly things, my friends? Hardly. Foxes have holes and birds make they nest, but the Son of Man had no place to rest, or lay his head. Maybe it's the way it's read. Some cats get it twisted, but they won't get this kid!


from Apocrypha, track released May 3, 2012
Production by Mista Min
Lyrics by Cody Miles and David Boone
Mix and Mastered by Skeli



all rights reserved


Cody Miles Georgetown, Texas

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