Simple Man

from by Cody Miles



Cody Miles:

I'm a starving artist. Not the Wise or smartest. Sometimes I eat my words- these bars are hard. It's just a part of me. Partly beat, war-torn. But this heart is free, I probably breathe in 4/4. We came in warriors- left as pacifists. Threw our guns to the sky. Half of its cause we're shooting stars, you can see the beauty, mars, and the scars they left- but the booty's ours. I rather be known for what I'm for than against, the latter ignores and adds force and offense. What manner accords with restored atavists? To look more like Jesus, not fans at a distance. My life is an incense. Every instance to be an instrument and let God play my heart strings, light up in this dark scene. I'm in your speakers now, but the place I'm at is far seen.


I keep it simply stated. I earn the rent and paid it. I turn it loose into the world but keep it insulated. I tell my kids what faith is…bated breath wishful patience. Watching for levy breaking steady hope to demonstrate it. I walk finest line of time an space, of life and rhyming. Dark and shining truth into the face of every new horizon. I tell em you can like it, you can leave it, you can speak it. In this house we face the world together true believers. I feel the future breathing lungs collapse and fill again. A lot of spaces sitting vacant until we fill em in. We love em all but recognize no man is innocent. We sentence them to death with every witness never given them. My mama taught me better honest til I’m finished with it. Spit it simple give it all cause heaven calling in a minute. I wanna be a man my sons can be proud of and try to teach em that it simply ain’t about us….

Cody Miles:

Sometimes all we can do is turn the other cheek, but when it gets slapped, can we offer them two? I'm often in pews, but lost to it's use when I'm asked for a mile, I give a track and a smile and an awesome excuse... Obstinante Truth. Love is lost is our views. I've paid the cost for those dues, but I'm from Austin my dude. I've kept it weird my whole life and kept the opposite abused. But, I refuse to be free if there's a hostage in blues. And, Christ is God I'm just a con-ish recluse. My life is yours, I'll take your chains, man, there's bondage to loose. An honest pursuit. An homage of truth. I'm honored if you will take my hand, we'll leave this land of carnage and cruise to a New Jerusalem where truth is one and heavenly. And together, we'll throw down the law like Christ in AD70. And we will never need a marquee with our lettering. A simple man just needs love, just got to let it free...


from Apocrypha, track released May 17, 2012
Lyrics by Cody Miles and Manchild
Production by Skeli
Mixed by Mista Min
Mastered by Skeli



all rights reserved


Cody Miles Georgetown, Texas

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